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Join The Band

Posted in Guitarmanjim on May 26, 2008 by legojim

HELLO its jimmy and Ian here this is a site for music lovers of any age can watch videos, chat, play, view and now you can even get info on other bands such as The Beatles! So keep leaving comments and rock along with just about everyone here.

You can see videos, listen to music, talk and much more! So you have to promis us you will keep logging into this site and keep us moving. You chose what you want to see and if we don’t have it leave a comment in the chat room about what we should add. So please enjoy the site. You are Welcome to anything on here for FREE! So Go on and have a great time. So join our site! You are more than welcome to chat in the chat room but you need a User name. Don’t worry there is a sine up sheet at the bottom of all the comments. It’s FREE too! EVERYTHING on this site is FREE!! So what are you waiting for join our site now!!!!

This Website here is no longer the best! THE JKANES are the best! Here is the greatest Wordpress website ever by me! It’s a site about my hockey team. Great Website actually . This picture was so hard to find. I had to check about 10 websites! I found it on picsearch. So you like this site so far because the is more to come! For now on to see new posts you have to look at them under this post because this is our new Information post! This post will be here forever!

I just made a New Voting poll! Here why don’t you vote!

Check This Rockstar Out! Its a Cat playing the guitar!


Ok That was funny! Wanna see something that I had to memorize? HERE IT IS

: is

We are NOT going to post anymore million Hits posts anymore! Sorry, but it’s just too much! Ill make an exeption to 3billion hit because it’s high! We are now ranked 1,542th best website in the world! Please promis us if you ever need to talk to us you will contact at We would really like that.

Check this Cool Dodge Viper Out! I hope when I’m older I could get a car like that!




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This site we now have a party for School Break! Now We want you wriiting in and Have a Great Day! And Visit this site for me please!

Important to Know

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You here is something to know:

Guitarmanjim – Jimmy

Keyboarddudefrank – Frank

Directormike – Mike

Violinjason -Jason


Meet The Band

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Here we are:

Jimmy the OWNER / Guitar Player

Frank the Key board Player

Jason with the Violin

Mike as the Director

Whats Up!

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Hello It’s us Jimmy and my friend Mike. Jimmy is the owner of The J-kanes! Mike is my assistant to the band. He aproves Songs Gigs and well everything, but me I have the most power with the band!

We made this site for you to see Music Videos, hear our music and much much more!

So we need you to make this site the #1 site for wordpress and if you help us get over 50,000,000 hits we can have a big party in the Chat room and everything is free just help this site out. Ok?

New Admin

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Hello I am the new Admin here Mikey. I will be helping out Jimmy with his website and I hope to be a big help to this website. Also if you want to visit my own website Click Here.

Hello Veiwers

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Welcome its Jimmy Here the owner of the J-Kanes! We are here to help you learn all about J-Kanes so Stand By!