Hello Viewers! This is Jimmy and Frankie here to tell you: If you log on here and think its Boring just Scroll down and check out some of the pages we have here it is actually very cool!

So give it a chance. Now that you know that, I am going to tell you a Great Website to get some amazing Songs, Wallpapers, Videos, and Games for your phone. It’s called! To View this site (Click Here.)

Next up, we are going to let my little brother Frankie Help us with this site.He is now the Newest Author. Also Frankie has the same user name Keyboarddudefrank.

There is also Ian and Chris now! To find their user names you can look at the wiget titled The Crew, at the right side of the website. Ians the Drummer of the Jkanes and Chris plays Bass, Guitar, and the Drums! How cool is that! They also have homepages at the right side of the website right under our Blog Stats. So check it out!

Also When you scroll all the way down and there are no more posts there will be a link saying: Next Entries. The older posts I personaly like better than the newer posts. We also have a search bar on our videos so you could search for any videos from the website we got it from. It doesn’t even need to be related to the video you searched over!


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