Drummerdudeian’s Home…


Hey every body, whats up! Hows school? For me personaly school stinks!

ian ian-rocks1

I want you to vote for what I should put on my homepage!

Vote here:

hey guys i just saw my drum teacher for the first time in week he was on tour! Also I need you guys voting infact  I will give a special shout out to who ever votes the most so start VOTING!.


15 Responses to “Drummerdudeian’s Home…”

  1. Ian you are awsome and talented

  2. Ians Biggest Fan to live! Says:

    Ian your the best!
    You blow away Chris!

  3. Ians Biggest Fan to live! Says:

    I started playing drums because of you!

    Your my idol

  4. what drumset do you have

  5. guitarmanjim Says:

    Hey Ian to talk to me every 10 seconds click on the top picture

  6. drummerdudeian Says:

    what do you mean by that jim

  7. guitarmanjim Says:


  8. guitarmanjim Says:

    whats up I made you an author

  9. guitarmanjim Says:

    dont be mean

  10. drummerdudeian Says:

    get a life chris and stop coming to me and jimmy for one

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