Bassplayerchris’s Webpage

HEY! Whats up people!  It’s me Chris.

As you mat know I got the website a new reward! It’s for most viewed Website for 2009. Here it is!


Now I am going to put a voting poll on!

jason gone.


12 Responses to “Bassplayerchris’s Webpage”

  1. guitarmanjim Says:

    Chris Rocks

  2. loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. bassplayerchris Says:


  4. hey chris aka loser …… just kidin

  5. drummerdudeian Says:

    chris check out my picture

  6. keyboarddudefrank Says:

    Happy Thanks giving Ian

  7. drummerdudeian Says:

    dude say that on my homepage

  8. drummerdudeian Says:


  9. drummerdudeian Says:

    first chris i dont like you and second no one cares about some garbage sign.

  10. Hi I used to love Ian but then I met Chris and he is the best

  11. Ian he told me what you are like

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