Guitar Hero

Here Are the Top ten vote as best songs.
(you can vote by leaving a comment on this page)

1. Through The Fire and Flames
2. Welcome To The Jungle
3. Even Flow
4.Raining Blood
5.Hit me With your Best Shot
6. Iron Man
8.Suck My Kiss
9.Cliffs of Dover
10.Rock you Like A Hurricane

Here is Some Cheats:

Air Guitar (B,Y)(G,Y)(G,Y)(R,B)(R,B)(R,Y)(R,Y)(B,Y)(G,Y)(G,Y)(R,B)(R,B) (R,Y) (R,Y)


Invisibility YOYOBOY


18 Responses to “Guitar Hero”

  1. Monsters

  2. Jimmy Lover88 Says:

    What jimmy wants

  3. Guitarmanjim Says:

    Ok leave my site now and stop talking to me. (Monsters)

  4. jimmy Lover88 Says:

    How rude

  5. Guitarmanjim Says:

    Well you are annoying

  6. Jpvideos Says:

    Yo you rock

    Can i join

  7. legojim Says:

    Hello Viewers.

  8. legojim Says:

    GSDg dionhirvoigjdvjijfgijnjbghvjkxnlkj vbzkin/ ijfgoi; lkinkn

  9. wow this is a cool room!

  10. guitarmanjim Says:

    Thank you!

  11. Hello im a jkanes Moditor

  12. Shut up noob 6 kids got banned in the chat Room

  13. You stupid moron I can do what ever i Want so SHUT THE HELL UP ! ! ! ! ! !

  14. muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  15. You John Pisnov are now banned for the next 72 Hours!

  16. okay john pisvov say that again your dead retard got it

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