Guitarmanjim’s Homepage


Hello this is guitarmanjim speaking! This is my Homepage! Like it?


This is the picture that was in the post: Join The Band I also have a Video on this page! Wanna see it? Oh I know you do!

Ok I want you to help me out here guys! I need you to vote witch Guitar I should buy!

is3 guitar

Check this out!

tu tu


6 Responses to “Guitarmanjim’s Homepage”

  1. Jimmy Lover88 Says:

    remember me jimmy!
    I never have time to come on anymore!!
    but now thaat your siite is the best wordpress site
    oh man your so cool!

  2. Jimmys biggest fan Says:

    Jimmy, will you ever sell this site?

  3. Jimmy Lover88 Says:

    Jimmy dont!

  4. Jimmy Lover88 Says:

    Donn’tt sell it to him!

  5. sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. drummerdudeian Says:


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